Why hiring a housekeeper is not a good long-term solution:

Because your cluttered spaces are a reflection of what you are currently thinking and feeling.

 Your cluttered spaces are an outward expression of what you currently think and feel. 

When physical clutter piles up in your living, sleeping and working spaces, its a sign that mental and emotional clutter has accumulated. Your messy desk, room, closet, office, car or home are a reflection of your current attitudes, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Surface clutter will keep coming back again & again until you pinpoint and work on your mental and emotional state.    

There are three primary mental/emotional states that will cause clutter to build up:


Three Main causes of clutter:



The   average American home contains roughly 300,000 items -75% - 80% of  which  are non-essential & wind up as "clutter".  Each of  these  items represents a decision you are either afraid to make, or are   avoiding. Every single unused "clutter"  item is one more thing you  need to manage & "take care" of.  Ironically, we delay decisions in  order to avoid stress or negative consequences, but the clutter is a  constant reminder of those unmade decisions & stress.  


Specifically,  fear of not having/being enough.  We buy items unconsciously and  compulsively out of fear of missing  out, or insufficiency, and fill up  our homes to capacity with unused items. We spend $1.2 trillion annually  on clothing and items we don't actually need, and spend roughly $37.5  billion annually to rent storage units to hoard overflow items that  "don't fit" inside our homes.  This all stems from our inner  thoughts  & feelings of insecurity-of not having or being enough.


Every  item you own has a practical function or a meaning/memory. The items  that hold memories are the hardest to let go of!  Deep down, we feel  that if we get rid of the item, we are letting go of the memory, or the  person who owned or gave us the item.

No matter what you've been told, the cause of clutter is NOT your  schedule, your spouse or the size of your home, but rather your yet to  be known fears, thoughts & beliefs colliding with your indecision. We can help you pinpoint your internal causes, show you how to clear  them, inside & out, so your spaces can help you live a happier  thriving life.