The Process:

Three Approaches to Clearing your Spaces:

I'm going to present you with three options. None of these options are better or worse than the others, it all depends on where you are, and how soon you want to get to where you want to be.

The first option is to hire a professional housekeeper or organizer to do it for you. (And I will say that there is nothing wrong with this solution! I owned a home service business for many years, and helped so many people get their home back in order. So if this is your option of choice, its OK!) This option will clear your external space for a little while, until all the internal clutter bubbles to the surface again, and spills over into your living and working spaces. Then you will have someone come in again to clean it up and the cycle continues. If you choose this option, be prepared to  have maintenance done on a regular basis. (I call this 'Done for You services'.) 

The second way is to hire a consultant. As a consultant, I give you a step-by step template to follow, with generic solutions to your problem and ways to implement new habits. This approach makes you & your progress or outcome, dependent on my thoughts, ideas, beliefs and attitudes and how consistently you follow the template.  This type of guidance has its place, but also has many limitations and can leave you feeling like there is something more to learn or do. (I refer to this as 'consulting'.) 

The third option is much more difficult on the surface, but the effects will last the longest.  I guide you to your deeper feelings, fears, obstacles, questions, answers, ideas & solutions.  We co-create your action plan, with me guiding you through your own decision process. In this approach, the process & the feedback are much more meaningful, completely personalized, and you instantly see if what you are thinking, deciding or doing is working for you. This approach works better for long-term change with minimal maintenance. (I call this 'coaching'.) 

No matter which option you choose-the most important thing is that you act and choose something

Stagnation and indecision are also thieves that keep you stuck, just like that clutter is!


About Us


We are here to help you!

Hi! May name is Barbara Gini, and I am a recovering disorganized person!

The turning point for me was when at 47, my health began to decline, due to over-scheduling (operating a business plus family and home obligations), overwork, stress, disorganization and not taking care of myself in general. I had out-of control blood sugar, 45 extra pounds on me, knee and foot problems, heart palpitations, insomnia and more. My home and my office were both a huge disorganized mess and I felt overwhelmed and cranky most of the time.  I made a swift decision to change my lifestyle because I didn't want to be on medication for the rest of my life. I took the reigns and turned it all around, within 1 single year, by first eliminating the unnecessary to make room for the necessary, and then by learning to say "yes" to myself first, and others second. I will be 55 this year, am in excellent health, (no medications) have lost the excess weight and maintained my health. I have more energy than I had in my 30's, and I want to help other working moms achieve the same level of inner and outer calm & and health that I have. 

For the last 7 years, I have studied,  educated  and coached clients on how home and work environments impact stress levels, health, finances and overall well-being, and conversely, how your attitudes, fears and beliefs ultimately create your physical environments and results in your  life. I have developed services & programs, that not only show you how to "clear the clutter" on the surface, but also help you identify & clear your internal clutter, visualize your ideal living space (and life) & co-create a plan with you, on how to achieve it.


Make room for what you truly need to thrive!

Barbara Gini above (left ) is a personal and professional development educator & coach. She has founded and sold several small businesses over the last 15 years, including two Home & Hospitality Management Companies, and a Children's Adaptive Recreation company. She currently operates Eclectic Domestics , a training company for service-based professionals, and is launching Learning Curve Leadership Academy, an online personal development training company for women. She is also the founder of  S.M.Art Kids Adaptive Yoga ™  and Calm Connected Kids programs. She holds certifications in Interior Design, Holistic Health, Therapeutic Art, Color Therapy, Coaching, Positive Psychology Feng Shui and Stress Management. She has published several books , her next due out Spring 2020. Her mission is to help women clear their clutter and thrive by becoming better leaders in their families, businesses, careers and communities. Her vision is to give people the tools to live peacefully in their homes and in their bodies/minds, so they can enjoy life more and stress less. 


Calm, Connected & Clutter-Free Kids:

Lauren Bruge (above right) is Barbara's daughter and a professional child care provider. She is a former S.M.Art Kids Adaptive Yoga™ Teacher, & Recreation Education camp program facilitator. Her specialty is showing moms, daycare providers and preschools how to create calm, functional spaces for children and young teens with sensory challenges. She began working with children at the age of 8 as a Peer Mentor in a wrap-around therapy program for the Barrington  (NJ) school district. Her passion is advocating for children with learning & sensory challenges. She is currently continuing her education in the field of Physical Therapy.  Her mission is to build a happier, healthier, peaceful world, one Calm Kid at a time. 

If you feel like your work & life responsibilities are closing in on you, we can help!