Author- Educator

Barbara Gini: Confidence Coach

Think Bigger. Do Better. Inspire More.

I coach women who want to be personally & professionally confident.

If you want to improve your relationships, your finances, reach a personal milestone 

or advance your career or business, you must first have the confidence to

 Think Bigger, Do Better and Inspire More.  I can show you how.

do you want to:

Think Bigger


What  do you think about? Who are the people and what are the things you want  in your life? What kind of person do you want to become? Sometimes in the busy-ness of life, we forget how to think & dream at all. But, with the right tools & gentle  direction we can remember again and learn how to think bigger.

Thinking bigger gives us goals to strive for & helps us grow. Confidence will help you eliminate the distractions blocking you from thinking & growing bigger.

Do Better


Thinking is of no use unless we apply our thoughts to action.  The thought, idea or dream is the spark, and the action is the accelerant.  Doing something consistently enables us to do it better, including procrastination & other bad habits. What can you do today to form better habits that support taking action?

"Doing" builds momentum. The momentum will build the Confidence you need to overwrite your bad habits that are causing hesitation & stagnation.

Inspire More


How do you want to inspire others more? How do you want to be more inspired? Inspiration is everywhere if we train ourselves to see it. Stress, self-doubt, old hurts, and real life circumstances can cast a shadow over inspiration & joy, and blind us to what is possible.

Confidence is your master key. 

 Confidence leads us to look for people and things to be inspired by & to be the inspiration to others to keep looking for the possibilities.

Relief is within REACH!

Our REACH Digest (Resilience Education Affirming Confidence & Health ) contains a free download each Sunday to help you manage your upcoming week with practical tools and invaluable action steps you can take to reduce overwhelm, neutralize stressful situations, and begin to build resilience starting right away!