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Learning Curve Cooperative
Consulting & Education

REACH Resilience Programming: (Resilience Education Affirming Caregiver Health)


REACH Resilience Programming: (Resilience Education Affirming Caregiver Health)

Family & Professional Caregivers:

  • Reduce Overwhelm
  • Transform Stress
  • REACH Resilience

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We Can Help You:


Reduce Overwhelm

Overwhelm occurs when responsibilities overtake the other areas of life, including personal "down time". As a Caregiver, you may try to take on more than you are able, and don't ask for help when you need it. Guilt may even set in if you do spend time on yourself rather than on those you care for. You may even deny that you need help, whether out of embarrassment or a deep sense of responsibility. Overwhelm has a direct impact on your health & can lead to burnout, and a variety of other undesirable conditions. We can help you design & implement a plan that gently sets boundaries, reduces that feeling of overwhelm, and begins to transform your stress.


Transform stress

Caregiver Stress is a growing problem especially for women age 25 - 45, but women of all ages are twice as likely as men to internalize their stress rather than look for healthy ways to manage it.  Many physical health problems occur as a result of chronic stress, and 47 percent of women report that they handle stress through unhealthy habits such as smoking, over-eating or using drugs or alcohol. While it seems as if stress is building more and more in the world, the small bit of encouraging news is that those affected most by stress are also the ones most likely to look for help.  If you are looking for help, you have come to the right place. We can show you proven methods that minimize the effects of stress, and transforms it into long-term resilience.


REACH Resilience

The best news of all, is that current research in neuroscience shows that you CAN learn to transform stress,  overcome overwhelming situations and people, and *REACH resilience. If you are a family or professional caregiver, who feels weighed down by family, job or other responsibilities,  rest assured, there is a solution. Our REACH Programming will provide you with easy techniques and useful tools, but most importantly we will help you educate yourself on a deeper level, identify stress triggers, neutralize the sources of stress, reset  your stress response, and build a  resilient mindset for a healthy, amazing life!

*REACH: Resilience Education Affirming Caregiver Health


Care for yourself as you care for others

If you are a Caregivers (or Caregiver personality  type), your focus is on making other people your priority, keeping them safe from harm and making a difference in your local and global communities. This outward focus sends a tremendous amount of energy and attention away from you - and this is where it can get tricky: you may discover that you have a hard time setting boundaries and remembering to take care of yourself.  If this sounds like you, we can teach you how to set reasonable boundaries in a non-selfish way, and give yourself the physical and emotional care you need so you can continue to care for others with vitality, compassion and love.   

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Relief is within REACH!

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